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“I love how

the face of a client or student lights up when I help them see their business challenges and opportunities differently. I have dedicated my professional life to getting this reaction from every person every time.

What I do with companies is close to what medical specialists do with you. They have the unique talents, knowledge, and expertise to diagnose the real causes and help you become stronger. How? Step into my digital office and find out”

Loaay Ahmed

Strategic business therapist


Automotive (EMEA)


Mental health





What clients say

Tahani Al Daihani


Ultimate Solutions

"With Loaay you get an entrepreneur guiding other entrepreneurs and companies, not a theoretical consultant"


We ran this masterclass in London.

see what the attendees say about it

After a great success in London, this B2C customer experience masterclass came to Kuwait in January 2020. And now it will be available on 6-10 June 2021 online, live from London for the first time in Arabic.

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strategic business therapy
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A 1-hour private session when you need an expert objective perspective, guidance or clarity

Here's what happened with Salem

(A 5-minute story)

“You need to meet Loaay,” Abdullah said. “He knows how to help you find the right problem.”

        “But I tried everything.”

        I trust my friend, not consultants … but what else can I do?

    So here I am. 11 AM, a café nearby the Kuwait Opera House meeting a stranger. He is supposed to figure out why my business is failing; why our revenue has not grown in two years. As I approach, Loaay takes a step towards me. This is it. He stands tall, extends a welcoming smile; firm handshake. I glance at my watch; hope this isn’t going to be another hour I can’t get back.

       After a couple of pleasantries Loaay urges me to talk. Reluctantly I tell him about my grandfather; how he started the fabric business sixty-three years ago. I picture him now as I explain how the business grew from one small store to seven stores across Kuwait, with dealers in select neighbouring markets. I feel the pride lifting me and … then … slowly deflate when I realise that I could be the one to lose the business. I take a tentative sip of my coffee. I’m the CEO. I know that almost 90% of family owned businesses cease to...

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