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"With Loaay you get an entrepreneur guiding other entrepreneurs and companies, not a theoretical consultant"


we ran this masterclass in London.

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After a great success in London, this B2C customer experience masterclass comes to Kuwait for the first time in January 2020. If you are looking for a transformational learning experience, this is it.

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“You need to meet Loaay,” Abdullah said. “He knows how to help you find the right problem.”

        “But I tried everything.”

        I trust my friend, not consultants … but what else can I do?

    So here I am. 11 AM, a café nearby the Kuwait Opera House meeting a stranger. He is supposed to figure out why my business is failing; why our revenue has not grown in two years. As I approach, Loaay takes a step towards me. This is it. He stands tall, extends a welcoming smile; firm handshake. I glance at my watch; hope this isn’t going to be another hour I can’t get back.

       After a couple of pleasantries Loaay urges me to talk. Reluctantly I tell him about my grandfather; how he started the fabric business sixty-three years ago. I picture him now as I explain how the business grew from one small store to seven stores across Kuwait, with dealers in select neighbouring markets. I feel the pride lifting me and … then … slowly deflate when I realise that I could be the one to lose the business. I take a tentative sip of my coffee. I’m the CEO. I know that almost 90% of family owned businesses cease to...

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