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The founder and the company


Business heritage

A mix of talent, analytical mind for business, education, and decades of experience


Loaay Ahmed (MDes, FRSA) has been in business since 1995.

He has guided driven CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs on developing brands, services and experiences that has shaped their future growth. He has assisted and trained senior management teams in brands such as Volvo, Tesco, Kuwait Finance House, NBK, Ooredoo (Wataniya Telecom), Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Life Sciences Academy, Salesforce UK and many others. Loaay has been an advance member of the Institute of Directors in the UK since 2005. In 2006, he was the recipient of the gold award in brand development from the internationally-judged KREA Awards in Kuwait.

So what makes Loaay different?

He has the DNA of an entrepreneur. He started, managed and sold companies. He succeeded and failed. He’s been there 
inside and out. The closest way to describe his talent would be his ability to see both what’s visible and invisible within the organisation. His mind is naturally constantly zooming in and zooming out. As a strategic business therapist, Loaay has been involved  with many industries over the last two decades

He has a keen focus on defining the right problem. His approach is collaborative and centred around everyone involved. His holistic interactions have  a sense of craftsmanship to it because they are always tailored to each company for their own specific needs. All the strategic assignments are handled by Loaay directly. There’s a great sense of responsibility, pride and intense passion to help companies learn and change perspectives. 


This is simply incomparable to traditional facilitators. 


Research, mentoring, teaching, and academic course design


Loaay teaches approaches to business innovation at the MDes postgraduate programme at Ravensbourne University in London. He holds a masters degree (MDes) in Service Design Innovation from the same university. His empirical research on B2B Service Design has led him to develop a framework that enhances the B2B innovation process for SMEs. 

He has co-designed several learning experiences and academic units over the years. He is currently working on his book Business Therapy. Loaay is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA) in London.




Enabling smart organisations to create services, improve processes, and transform customer experiences

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areas Loaay Ahmed gets involved with and adds most value

"I know how to help people better understand and solve business challenges. I know how to help people managing small and medium sized businesses grow their profit, improve interactions with their customers and their customers’ perceptions of their brand. 

I believe that everyone benefits from an objective expert's second opinion. I believe that my unique perspective and knowhow make a big difference. 


I collaboratively set up clearer strategies, build better brands, and design better services, all while improving the learning experiences for everyone involved. I explore challenges with transparency, which is often not possible for the directors and entrepreneurs being in the middle of it. My support comes in different ways from one-hour strategic business therapy sessions (SBTs), customer experience audits, internal jam sessions, open and in-house workshops, or co-implementation and development, just to name a few. The range of my services, processes and methodologies is wide and the emphasis is on getting the right things done well." 



Making art, bread, doughnutsand pizza

After surviving cancer in 2005, he started to artistically express himself. Over the years, Loaay became an internationally recognised artist. He has exhibited in USA, Algeria, Finland, and Kuwait, to name a few. His work is in several private and corporate collections across the globe. 

Loaay is also an avid bread and pizza baker. In 2011, he launched Loaf Affair as a social initiative to encourage the public to reconnect  with and bake real bread. In 2018, Loaay participated in the 4th Trofeo Pulcinella competition in Napoli, Italy. In the summer of 2019, Loaay is launching I Made Pizza, summer-only masterclasses in London, to teach pizza lovers how to make great pizza at home — psst, there are rumours of a pizza book being made, but that's just between us for now. Friends and family stay closer when he’s making his rustic olive bread, mini donuts or wood-fired pizzas.

Loaay currently lives with his wife and son in South West London and travels to many countries for consulting projects, giving masterclasses, and participating in conferences and other speaking opportunities. 

the company

We’ve been in business before mobile phones had Internet and we are still relevant today. Why? We are different.

What makes us different


Local knowledge

Founded in Kuwait

International scope

We work with international clients at high standards

Ability to simplify complexities

No jargon

High track record of effective and efficient delivery

Attention to details and holistic


Est. in 1995; award-winners for brand-building

Great value for money

Lower cost than the ‘big 4’, complimentary SBTs

Straightforward practical approach

Advice and analysis are all based on clients' abilities and market conditions


In English literature, knights are noble soldiers who swore to serve a monarch. They are strong warriors who always win their battles ethically. knightscapital was created to be the capital that hosts such knights to serve nobly and be recognised for their remarkable behaviour and standard. The market witnessed our principles in action right from the start of our journey. Here are some interesting milestones.

In 1995, Loaay Ahmed founds knightscapital as an entrepreneur-led marketing strategy consultancy that enables business to plan their marketing more effectively


In 1999, we add advertising services after a request from Volvo Kuwait


In 2001, we sign a GCC market orientation agreement with Volvo Middle East


In 2004, we introduce training masterclasses in branding and the art of persuasion


In 2006, we close all advertising accounts and go back to basics with a twist: enabling businesses to create services, improve processes, and transform B2B and B2C customer experiences.

In 2006, we win the Gold Award in Branding at internationally-judged KREA awards in Kuwait.


In 2008, we launch Strategic Business Therapy, a one-hour advisory session service


In 2009, ​we introduce DMcircle, Kuwait’s first dynamic business learning and networking programme


In 2011, we design action sheet, a one-page planning service


In 2012, we launch customer and employee experience mapping service and masterclass


In 2013, we launch “jam sessions”, a structured one-day brainstorming-learning experience


In 2015, we expand to the UK to focus on the British and EU markets


In 2016, we introduce the B2C Customer Experience (CX) masterclass in London for the first time


In 2017, we widens the range of industries to serve by working with clients in the higher education and healthcare industries in the UK and Kuwait respectively


In 2020, we introduce the first B2C CX masterclass designed exclusively and purposefully for online live delivery.


In 2022, we introduce the first B2C CX masterclass designed in Arabic language to be delivered online live.

the company


Engaging the right talents, when needed

knightscapital plays an important part in developing the local market through our carefully selected range of collaborators who are engaged for the right projects to add that much needed value that only they can. 

Here are a few names of previous and current collaborators we work with on a project basis..


Simon Gough, Academic and Facilitator, UK

Hamed Al-Tamami, Predictive Index Consultant, UAE

Geraint Holliman, Content Marketing Strategist, UK

Stefan Pichler, Creative Strategist, Austria

Florian Grossmann, Innovation Programmes Manager, Germany

..and others.

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