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Why CX matters

We ran this masterclass in London and in Kuwait. See what the attendees say about it

Learn how your business can attract the right customers, generate organic word-of-mouth, and set it on a sustainable growth course by mapping out a smart Customer Experience (CX).

This is 100% practical for the GCC market

So why does Customer Experience matter?

first reason

because experiences influence the attitudes that drive behaviours that deliver results


second reason

because research shows any modest improvement in the customer experience can result in an additional compound revenue increase between 14-38% (see examples in the chart below)


source: TG Q1 2012 consumer benchmark survey

Important. What will happen if you do not improve your customer experience?

Some organisations fall into the trap of thinking that not learning about Customer Experience can be avoided to save — Why spend hundreds of KD on this topic? We’re doing fine. In consequence, the services are not strategically clearly defined, employees and customers are not receiving delightful and beneficial experiences, achieving goals and targets gets harder and harder, and more importantly, customers stop to see the value and fit in giving you their business and they start looking elsewhere. Eventually, it becomes extremely hectic for everyone involved costing a lot more than the masterclass investment. Gloomy view? Sure. Critical and accurate? You bet.

why CX matters


Top 7 gains from improving your CX that you will learn in this masterclass

Increase word of mouth

Reduce cost of sale

Attract the right customers

Have less focus on price

Measure critical progress

Reduce employees turnover

Become an employer of choice



Here's what attendees will learn during the two days of this masterclass


The real goal of building great Customer Experience (CX)

(not retention; not loyalty)


Misconceptions and myth busting


What is the clearest definition of CX?


What is the cost of poor CX to your business in numbers?


How can CX help you increase profit and cut cost?


CX mapping group exercises


What can you learn from visiting existing businesses and how to analyse their CX?


How can you measure impact, success and ROI?


What are the most common mistakes and pitfalls?


How can you start the CX conversation and implementation internally within your business?


CX Elements and levels


Significant obstacles to organisations’ CX efforts


CX mapping group exercise

(a visit to preselected café with an assignment brief)


Great CX examples


CX exercise (Part II): Innovating the business side based on the findings


Customer journey and CX


Employees Experience (EX) and CX


Better ways to understand customers


Q&A, reflections, and analysis


Business innovation case study


Contrary to the misconception, CX mapping is not about CRM software, pampering your customers and showering them with freebies and discounts, or going digital. knightscapital and the organisers do not have a platform for you to buy or a loyalty programme to subscribe to. This masterclass is designed purely to help companies learn how to truly differentiate themselves and grow their profit using lean mindsets and approaches.


What to expect

A hands on, rich, unforgettable, and 100% practical learning experience, guaranteed.

Learn by doing (no theoretical nonsense)

Peer collaborations (working together)

Q&A, tools and group exercises

Certificate of completion

Networking opportunities with other attendees

Safe space to learn, question, and reflect

Lots of food, drinks and snacks all day —

well, it's up to you. You're bringing your own :)

Many breaks throughout the day to manage work

On Day 1: CX in context, principles, frameworks, exercise and task

On Day 2: Journeys, exercises and examples

On Day 3: Research methods, exercises, reflections

On Day 4: Prototyping, tools, innovation types, exercises

On Day 5: Metrics, tools, exercises, case studies, reflections

* Each day is scheduled for four hours including two short breaks

what to expect

Who should attend

Directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, strategy teams, marketing teams, customer service teams, and anyone interested in learning how to make their B2C business grow through focusing on customers

4 strong reasons why CEOs and C level directors should attend


CX is not the sole responsibility of Marketing to plan. It is a company-wide mindset and way of work; it is a shared responsibility that starts from the top.


Even if one department takes the lead in execution, the C level executives need to have a shared understanding of the ‘why’.


The C level will find it difficult to participate in any internal programmes if they do not understand and lead the process


We are living in the age of Experience Economy (B. J. Pine II and J. H, Gilmore)If you do not understand what it is, you can not build it, improve it, manage it or compete.

who should attend


This masterclass is led by innovation expert Loaay Ahmed (MDes, FRSA). He is a director, academic, and has over 27 years of practical experience in international markets


"With Loaay you get an entrepreneur guiding other entrepreneurs and companies, not a theoretical consultant"

Tahani Al Daihani


Ultimate Solutions

Loaay Ahmed teaches approaches to business innovation to postgraduates at Ravensbourne University in London. He holds a master’s degree in Service Design Innovation (MDes).

Loaay’s empirical research on B2B Service Design has led him to develop a framework that enhances the B2B innovation process. Loaay is a strategic business therapist and founder of knightscapital in Kuwait and The Outsider's Perspective in London. 

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA) in London

To know more about Loaay, click here.



Limited seats

Limited to 20 seats only


KD349 (£999, SAR4,249) per person

Early Bird KD279 (£799, SAR3,399) per person. See terms below. 

Dates and Time

21 - 25 May 2023 (SOLD OUT)

10 AM - 2 PM (Kuwait/KSA)

Early Bird rate is valid until 30/4/2023

19 - 23 November 2023

11 AM - 3 PM (Kuwait/KSA)

Early Bird rate is valid until 31/10/2023

12 - 16 May 2024

10 AM - 2 PM (Kuwait/KSA)

Early Bird rate is valid until 30/4/2024


Online, live from London, UK 

Registration for this event is managed by

Meran Training and Consulting, Kuwait


Other masterclasses

Always practical
Always relevant
Always based on learning by doing 

Always with no theoretical nonsense 

A couple of days can’t turn anyone into a pro (period)

Seminars and lectures are mostly a waste of time and budget. Theoretical content can be informative, but usually forgetful.

The following edutainment-based and learning-by-doing

tailored masterclasses create the shared understanding and communication needed for team members to start their collaborative business development and innovation journeys.

Topic: Value propositions and profit models
Understanding what the big business idea is one thing, understanding the stakeholders the brand is to communicate with, what problems its service or product will solve for them or how it will improve their needs or wants is quite another. Clear guidance with carefully planned exercises will help the teams break down the principles that Value Propositions are made of. 

TopicStrategic brand definition
No strategic alignment, no progress.

This masterclass dives into the following areas: Most accurate definition of a brand, strategic brand building roadmap, big business idea formation, brand promise (what the business does, differentiation factors, proof to the claim), brand essence, brand vision, brand personality, brand core values, and brand mission.

TopicArt of persuasion

This is great for those responsible for marketing communication or presenting frequently. In this masterclass we address: persuasion vs. manipulation, top 10 obstacles, the invisible persuader, the secret of influence, elements of the irresistible offer, persuasion vs. selling, how customers process persuasion, and top 10 persuasion styles.

TopicArt of promos

Promos can build brands as well as destroy them. Majority of consumers in Kuwait are impulse buyers and get attracted to promos and new ideas. If your company designs a bad promo the risk of drop in customer retention is huge.

Also, customer acquisition will be a bigger challenge. Since brands cannot function without good promos, then it is critical to learn how to design them well. promos continue to play a large role in brands journeys. However, there’s more to promos than a discount or a freebie. In fact, there’s a lot more.

Topic: Action sheet, the one-page annual plan

Plans are blueprints; they describe what’s going to be built, why, when, how it will be done, and the results to be measured. Often though, organisations make the mistake of writing their plans as if they were publishing a book, which results in endless pages that with time get to be neglected and forgotten, or at least take the excitement out of work. Alternatively, many SMEs tend to skip the writing part and keep their plans in their heads, which is not enough because they need to be visually observed and reflected upon; a matter that can only be done when viewed rather than when remembered. 

Bespoke masterclass design

100% made with you and for you
It’s part art, part science. If you have a specific need in mind for your own team, you can have any of the topics above tailored to address your goals. Alternatively, an exclusively custom-designed masterclass is always an option.
In addition, Loaay can train your facilitator(s) on how to deliver the content with impact. 

other masterclasses
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